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Theatre Ticket Reservation Policy:

The Mielke Theatre is a black box theatre, which means the seating arrangement can change from one production to another.  For this reason the Mielke has open seating and no ticket is assigned to any particular numbered chair. 

Adult Tickets (ages 19 & above) are $15

Youth Tickets (ages 18 & under) are $10

  • Purchase a ticket online by clicking on the green link above that says "Ludus".  There is no need to call in to tell us when you will be attending – you must sign up for a particular performance date when you purchase online.  There are no refunds if you purchase a ticket and then are unable to attend.  However, there is insurance for a minimal fee through Ludus, so that if you purchase tickets and are unable to attend, you may "return" them through Ludus for a reduced amount.

  • Buy a ticket at the door.  However, in the event that a production is nearly sold out, any prepaid tickets will be admitted before any walk-ins.  So if there is a particular date you really need to attend, be sure to pay for a ticket ahead of time online.



** We are no longer accepting call-in reservation requests**


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