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Theatre Guild Past Productions and Directors

Ice House 2018

“Camelot” (July 1995) – Dennis C. Brei

“Private Lives” (September 1995) – Gayle Smoot

“Readers’ Theatre” (November 1995) – Dennis C. Brei

“A Romantic Comedy” (February 1996) – Michael Asher

“And Then There Were None” (March 1996) – Dennis C. Brei

“The Emperor’s New Clothes” (April 1996) – Dorothy Zerbe

“A Thousand Clowns” (June 1996) – Tim Ryan

“Crazy for You” (July 1996) – Mike Asher (Drama) & Dennis C. Brei (Music)

“One Moment In Time” (November 1996) – Sandra Smith

“Arsenic and Old Lace” (March 1997) – Joanne Cowen

“The Music Man” (July 1997) – Dennis C. Brei & Kimberly J. Brei

“The Heiress” (October 1997) – Rosemary Eckley, Assisted by Joanne Cowen

“A Toast to God” (November 1997) – Sandra Smith

“Rumors” (March 1998) – Joanne Cowen

“The Music of the Night” (July 1998) – Dennis C. Brei (Drama) & Judy Kimmer (Music)

“The Cemetery Club” (October 1998) – Joanne Cowen, Assisted by Dennis C. Brei & Kimberly J. Brei

“The Unexpected Guest” (April 1999) – Kimberly J. Brei & Dennis C. Brei

“The Wind In the Willows” (July 1999) – Lucie E. Brei, Tom Webster (Drama) & Dennis C. Brei (Music)

“Lend Me a Tenor” (October 1999) – Joanne Cowen

“California Suite” (April 2000) – Dennis C. Brei, Assisted by Sandra Smith & Kimberly J. Brei

“A Bull in a China Shop” (March 2001) – Marty Hinshelwood

“Vaudeville Revue” (July 2001) – Adeline Bratt

“See How They Run” (October 2001) – Joanne Cowen

“Don’t Dress for Dinner” (April 2002) – Kimberly J. Brei, Assisted by Jeff Vollendorf

“Into The Woods” (July 2002) – Dennis C. Brei

“Over the River and Through the Woods” (October 2002) – Marty Hinshelwood

“Come, Blow Your Horn” (April 2003) – Jeff Vollendorf, Assisted by Kimberly J. Brei

“Anything Goes” (July 2003) – Joanne Cowen (Drama) & Dennis C. Brei (Music)

“Reminiscing” (August 2003) – Dennis C. Brei

“The Hollow” (October 2003) – Kimberly J. Brei

“Blithe Spirit” (April 2004) – Kathy Hieronimczak, Assisted by Diane Vollendorf

“Of Thee I Sing” (July 2004) – Sharon Schmidt, Assisted by Joanne Cowen

“Songs from the Attic” (August 2004) – Dennis C. Brei

“Sparks!” (October 2004) – Dennis C. Brei, Assisted by Joanne Cowen & Don Everts

“Play On!” (March 2005) – Joanne Cowen, Assisted by Ann Van Grinsven

“Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?” (July 2005) – Don Everts (Drama), Joanne Cowen & Mary

          Lamm (Music)

“Moon Over Buffalo” (Oct 2005) – Diane Vollendorf, Assisted by Jean Klosterman

“Mambo in 1110” (March 2006) – Dennis C. Brei, Assisted by Sandra Smith & Ralph Beversdorf

“Grease” (July 2006) – Kimberly J. Brei (Drama) & Dennis C. Brei (Music)

“Steel Magnolias” (Oct 2006) – Marty Hinshelwood

“Whose Wives Are They Anyway?” (March 2007) – Kimberly J. Brei, Assisted by Alexander Taylor Mace

“West Side Story” (July 2007) – Alexander Taylor Mace, Assisted by Cheryl Jones-Ritter & Kimberly J. Brei

“Rumors” (October 2007) – Jeff Vollendorf, Assisted by Jean Klosterman

“The Elevator” (March 2008) – Dennis C. Brei, Assisted by Emil Kriewaldt

“Footloose” (July 2008) – Dan Terrio (Drama), Evelyn Smoot (Music)

“The Odd Couple” (October 2008) – Kathy Hieronimczak

“Diggin’ Up Dirt” (April 2009) – Ann Van Grinsven & Diane Vollendorf

“To Oz” (July 2009) – Dennis C. Brei, Assisted by Kimberly J. Brei

“Squabbles” (October 2009) – Jeff Vollendorf, Assisted by Don Klose

“We Need A Little Christmas” (December 2009) – Dennis C. Brei

“The Return of the Glass Slipper” (April 2010) – Dennis C. Brei

“As the Stomach Turns” (July 2010) – Ann Van Grinsven, Cheryl Ritter & Emil Kriewaldt

“The One That Got Away” (October 2010) – Don Everts, Assisted by Mary Madsen

“Mielke Christmas Special” (December 2010) – Mary-Beth Kuester

“Characters” (April 2011) – Don Everts & Mary Madson, Assisted by Cindy Hackbarth & Sandra Wehmeyer

“Aida” (July 2011) – Dan Terrio (Drama) & Kari Devine (Music)

“Out of Sight…Out of Murder” (October 2011) – Cheryl Jones-Ritter, Assisted by Amy Steenbock

“Mielke Christmas Special” (December 2011) – Mary-Beth Kuester

“Harvey” (March 2012) – Mary-Beth Kuester, Assisted by Gayle Smoot & Sandra Wehmeyer

“Little Shop of Horrors” (July 2012) – Kari Devine (Drama & Music), Assisted by Amy Steenbock (Drama) &

          Hazel Minton (Music)

“The Marquis Crossing Ladies Society’s First Attempt at Murder” (October 2012) – Miriam Nelson

“Christmas World” (December 2012) – Mary-Beth Kuester

“Lombardi” (May 2013) – Mary-Beth Kuester, Assisted by Miriam Nelson

“Anything Goes” (July 2013) – Jake Schertz, Assisted by Brandon Byng

“On Golden Pond” (October 2013) – Tom Webster; Assisted by Will Church

“Star Spangled Christmas” (December 2013) – Mary-Beth Kuester, Assisted by Miriam Nelson

“The Dixie Swim Club” (April 2014) – Ann Van Grinsven, Assisted by Cheryl Folkerts

“Seussical The Musical” (July 2014) – Brandon Byng, Assisted by Early Fuller

“Rest Assured” (October 2014) – Mary Madsen, Assisted by Denise Riley

“A Hometown Christmas” (December 2014) – Denise Riley

“M*A*S*H” by Tim Kelly (April-May 2015) – Nathaniel Madsen, Assisted by Geoffrey Madsen

“Clue the Musical” by Tom Chiodo, Peter DePietro, Wayne Barker, Galen Blum, Vinnie Martucci (July 2015) – Brandon Byng

“The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Stephen Benet (October 2015) – Mary & Tom Madsen

“Arsenic and Old Lace” by Joseph Kesselring (April-May 2016) – Nathaniel Madsen & Jessica Buettner

Lewis Carroll’s "Alice in Wonderland” (July 2016) – Char Stuewer & Susan Kluge

“Running Mates” by Beth Kander (October 2016) Tom & Mary Madsen

“London Suite” by Neil Simon (April 2017) – Nathaniel Madsen & Early Fuller

“South Pacific” Rodgers & Hammerstein (July 2017) – Susan Kluge & Char Stuewer

"Spirit" by Peg Kehret (October 2017) - Early Ruller

"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" by Barbara Robingson (December 2017) - Mary Madsen

"Lombardi" by Eric Simonson (January 2018) - Tom Madsen

"Church Basement Ladies" Stowell & Zuehlke (March 2018) - Susan Kluge

"Annie" Strouse, Charnin & Meehan (July 2018) - Char Stuewer & Jen Green

"Ice House" by Peter Bloedel (October 2018) - Susan Kluge

"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" by Barbara Robinson (December 2018) - Mary Madsen

"Always A Bridesmaid" by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, Jamie Wooten (March 2019) - Miriam Nelson

Roald Dahl's "Willy Wonka" (July 2019) - Cheryl Jones-Ritter, Jonathan Kent, Laura Arens

"Love, Sex & the IRS" by Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore (October 2019) - Susan Kluge

"The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" by Barbara Robinson (December 2019) - Mary Madsen

"You Can't Take It With You" by Moss Hart & George Kaufman (September 2021) - Susan Kluge

"Blithe Spirit" by Noel Coward (April 2022) - Mary Madsen & Cheryl Folkerts

"Legally Blonde" by Laurence O'Keefe & Nell Benjamin (July 2022) - Madeline Stuewer

"And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie (Sept 2022) - Susan Kluge

"12 Angry Jurors" - TV Movie by Reginald Rose, adapted by Sherman Sergel (April 2023) - Mary Madsen & Hailey Falish

"Kiss Me Kate" - Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter, Book by Sam & Bella Spewak (July 2023) - Evelyn Smoot & Brandon Byng




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